Hi there! šŸ‘‹ My name is Maciek (or more officially - Maciej) Grzybek. I’m a software engineer from Poland, I was born in 1988 in Bialystok and I spent most of my life there. Currently, I live with my wife Dorota and our spaniel Marley in Shipley/UK (Leeds area).

Professionally, I used to work as a sushi chef for few years šŸ£ , and then I moved to be a graphic designer. Very fast I realize that coding is what I actually want to do in my life. Now I write code, I write about code, I think in code and sometimes I even dream in code. I have a great love ā¤ļø for Javascript, TypeScript, React, and other web technologies. I’m also very passionate about learning and teaching others as well.

In my free time, I like to play some games on my PlayStation or Stadia and have long walks around West Yorkshire (kinda' boring, I know, but I like it).

Me, my wife and our dog Marley